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New fresh, clean slate. I’m down 6 lbs since my “Follow Me To Fit” series has started. I have 23 days til Bodypower in the UK so I’m revving the cardio up a notch—and this is my FAVORITE fasted cardio stack!!

HD and N03 is a great combo for cardio on an empty stomach. I don’t personally believe fasted cardio burns fat any more effectively than any other time of day—however, I like to start my macros off later because I get more food. 

Plus it feels great to start your day off with cardio!!

Super HD is a high energy thermogenic that’ll make you sweat and hold off your appetite for the first few hours of your day. And the N03 is a non stimulant pre workout that makes cardio go by easily and you can go FOREVER. I don’t even need an hour of cardio and stacking both of these I can go for so long and still have energy to go after!! See my most recent YouTube video for evidence of this haha! 

Get your own stack at for 20% off! Free shipping when you sign in!! Email me if you have any questions or are interested in macro and workout coaching!

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